Sportsball (World Cup 2010), Matchday Six

Chile 1-0 Honduras

Straightforward game. Chile were a much slicker outfit then their Central American opponents. Scoreline would have been higher but for the Honduras goalkeeper but that seems to be the story of the World Cup so far.

Chile impressed though the true test is Spain.

Spain 0-1 Switzerland

That’s a shocker isn’t it? Swiss didn’t play particularly well and Spain didn’t play particularly bad but the Swiss took their chance when it came. Spain were average in the first half and just could not hit the target in the second, with the lone exception of Alonso’s thunderous strike against the crossbar.

The Swiss deserve credit for holding on but their goal was scrappy and when they had the chance to add a second, they missed. Spain’s defence is looking far weaker than it did two years ago. Something to work on along with their finishing. It’ll help that the next game is a very poor Honduras. But whoever wins the Switzerland/Chile game next week will be in the driving seat in Group H. We might also be facing the tantalizing possibility of a Brazil/Spain last 16 match. Oh yes…

South Africa 0-3 Uruguay

Inevitably, the wheels have come off SAs team. Shocking performance from the hosts. Uruguay were cool and calm throughout and took their chances well. Red card was deserved, a clear goalscoring opportunity was stopped. Excellent penalty from Forlorn who stepped up his form after the French game.

SA never looked too threatening. The final score really did reflect the way the game went. The way the fans just walked out wholesale after the second was a little depressing. They require a minor miracle to qualify now. A winner in tomorrow’s France/Mexico game should join Uruguay in the second round.

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