“I’m A Winner And You’re Fat” – Glee

Spoilers for last nights Glee finale.

It’s a measure of how much I love Glee, that I was genuinely heartbroken when New Directions loses out at Regional’s. TV shows rarely hit you like that nowadays.

It’s been said before all across the interwebs, but this is an amazing show. It’s more than just the music, though that is fantastic. The characters are great; more than just the typical High School stereotypes. Everyone is so well developed that even the background characters are frequently stealing the show in the first season.

The plots, as sappy as they are on occasion, are enthralling and reflect a more accurate picture of second level education then so many other shows. The guest spots are perfectly cast and well placed (Dream On, NPH.)

The songs are well picked and excellently performed.  They’re obviously the heart of the program and its main hook.

But man, there is one gigantic reason this show is such a hit. And it’s called Sue Sylvester.

Sue is one of the greatest villains I have ever seen. She flips between cartoonishly evil and relatably tragic with ease. She’s funny yet cruel. She’s sarcastic yet relatable. She’s threatening and weak and all at the same time. She’s the stuck up bitch you can’t stand and she pulls it off while being the role model and older sister. She can be the epitome of High School establishment crushing dreams while getting the funniest lines. She can sing and dance. And she tops it all off by being the hero at the end of the story, who defends the Glee kids when no one else can, a change of heart the audience can accept because of her primary role as an educator.

Jane Lynch deserves something. An Emmy or whatever and I have serious doubts that anyone can come close to besting her. Roll on season 2.

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