Sportsball: How the US Television Industry Sees The World

As part of their coverage of the World Cup, American sports channel ESPN has come up with posters for each individual team competing in South Africa.

Some of them are fine. Others are flatout crazy and borderline offensive.

Australia are entering a team from the Isle of Dr Moreau

Well, maybe they could have come up with something better then Lions but still it could have been worse. It's not like their riding them around or anything.

...Oh, dear God.


Odd training method but I guess if you're desperate...

How idiotic. Everyone knows black people aren't allowed become Musketeers.

His head is huge.

I guess the message is...Hondures is really light?

Thanks to Time Travel, The Roman Empire will enter the World Cup for the first time this year. (Also Buffon's face is...chilling.)

Implication: Cross Japan and you will be run through, your blood stained jersey taken as a trophy.

Mexico's coach recently achived Godhood. That, or the Aztecs are joining the Roman's as the second "past team".

Because you can get high in the Netherlands. Geddit?

Look at those kneecaps. LOOK AT THEM.

Another in the "people riding animals" series.

Replace those doves with eagles and this is a Milosevic propaganda poster.

The ultimate metaphor for America: Everyones rowing in different directions. Also, that keepers arms are huge. And he just punched #12.

They can all be seen in this Facebook album.

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  1. gringolost says:

    Those are great!

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